When leaving your country and packing up for a wedding in a Mediterranean Island, seems a good idea, leaving it to get to a real unique hotel in a Mallorcan Estate – even better. With a romantic garden with Art everywhere, this destination wedding will surely have you dreaming of gorgeous classic Villa gardens.

We propose you a new concept of wedding, where to really enjoy it, not only for a day or an evening. To take a long weekend and to invite the people that means the most and will always be around, the immediate family and the lifelong friends.  Also noticed that friends and family members may use the occasion to take an extended vacation of their own. So do not hesitate and just, do it - it will be a truly unforgettable experience. The only thing better than getting married is getting married on vacation!!!

Of course, if you are afraid of the idea, just because the inconvenient of the distance can bring, we offer you our wedding planner specialist to help you on all wedding details. Above all them, even if you are thinking about a quite more casual meeting with your closers, there are 5 STEPS TIPS FOR A DESTINATION WEDDING you should pay attention to them.

1.- GIVE A WARM WELCOME It doesn't matter if your loved ones are travelling all on the same plane, or arriving in different times. When they get to ES REVELLAR ART RESORT, they'll want a cold beverage and a few moments to refresh and recharge. If you desire, our hotel staff will greet everyone with a welcome drink, and leave a handwritten note in each room that says something along the lines of, "Cheers to your arrival! We look forward to seeing you soon” or similar written and chosen by you.

And while welcome bags aren't a requisite, they're a thoughtful introduce guests a feel for the area. Be creative: Bestow inexpensive flip-flops towels for the beach, or a magazine with the best tips of the Island or even better a personal touch, including a homemade guidebook that steers them to your favourite local spots. If your friends like to work hard, we suggest a "too much fun, too much sun" survival kit with an eye mask, sun block, helpful Spanish-guide, and aspirin...

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2.- START OFF SLOW If your guest are arriving on the same day, we also suggest you to have an “all together welcome” where to have the chance to introduce all your closer once to others. As much as you'd like to get the party going on the first night, keep your welcome gathering casual "A laid-back cocktail party or informal dinner eases people into vacation mode and encourages conversations". This is also the best time for all your loved ones to meet one another before a more formal event, like your ceremony.  To help them loosen up, to start with a guided tour all around the beautiful gardens of ES REVELLAR ART RESORT, could be an informal way to allow them to start living some special experiences together. Another option is to incorporate an ice-breaking game. What do they all have in common? You and your fiancé. "Make a fun crossword puzzle with clues about you as a couple," (log on to varietygames.com to create one).

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3.- ARRANGE SOME GROUPS ACTIVITIES "When you host an outing, it gives guests an opportunity to get out and see the place they've traveled to,”. The key is to entertain your friends without overwhelming them. Keep these pointers in mind: Make the most of your locale: You chose your ceremony spot because you love it -and now's the chance to show everyone why. If you're crazy for the snorkeling, take guests to a day tip to Cabrera with a snorkel set, an available activity for all. To highlight the food in Mallorca, set up a traditional cooking class. And if you are keen on cycling, just take them to a cylco-tourism tour. And if you love are classic cars, just do it with some samples. Include everyone: Keep in mind that not everyone is comfortable in a swimsuit, and your elderly relatives may not be up for a hike. "Folks should be able to have fun whether they're participating or just observing from a distance". Ideal activities are those that are easy and don't leave anybody behind. We will be pleased to help you.


4.- DOWNTIME Yes, your friends and family are there to see you off into married bliss, but it's also their vacation, To make sure they get the chance to hang out by the pool or explore the area independently -your homemade guidebook in hand - limit activities to one a day (nothing before 9:30 a.m.), and avoid anything too long or too far away. Also leave afternoons open so guests can go off on their own before dinner. Last, don't schedule anything for the wedding day besides optional light exercise, like late-morning yoga or a walk. Emphasis on optional, because you want them to save their energy for later! And for sure, it will be a great detail to arrange a styling saloon where guests get ready for the party.

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5.- HOW TO SAY GOODBYE Saying goodbye is never easy (especially after a wonderful wedding weekend!), but there are ways to make it better. To smooth their departure as much as possible, organize shuttle buses to bring them to the airport, or prepare a box lunch for the flight so everyone feels pampered on the way home. And do not forget to give them the traditional “Ensaimada” cake, well packed for the plane, a perfect idea ifyou personalize the package.

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